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Doigby holds a myriad of talents as a Twitch star, host, commentator, and YouTuber based in France. He participates in Domingo Radio Stream and is often seen hosting Gotaga on Monday evenings. Doigby came to us looking for a transformation of a mere public image into a brand. It was time for our model in creating premium branding for entertainment to truly shine. As branding experts, we were thrilled by the opportunity. Doigby is a pillar among French streamers, so the image and visual identity of our caster is of paramount importance. With millions of viewers each month in a very competitive sphere, we had to understand and anchor the difference in the minds of its fans.
Since Doigby also offers very different show concepts, we had to think of a quick and easy customization structure that would allow its internal production to keep the branding codes of its new identity while offering new content with a unique feel. The client wanted to progressively move away from his image as an influencer and instead move towards being a brand with a futuristic feel that would allow him to offer new shows without being the muse. We immersed ourselves in his culture, through his different shows and the content of his tournaments. Doigby embodies every part of being a great influencer; he has a great name, is known by all, and carries a very pronounced identification around the leading video games of the moment. Doigby has propelled himself to new heights of fame through the following of his journey on games like Fortnite, Apex, and Call of Duty.
Having associated the symbol of a crown to his branding, the client has a strong desire to be among the elite streamers in the years to come and places great importance on the podium position he has earned. We then developed a strong visual identity in symbols inspired by FPS, with futuristic designs that include golden ornaments, emblematic colors representing the elite, and simplicity in elegance.
The client now has a branding identity consisting of its own selected color scheme. This is important because every major influencer has a color code. For Doigby, we chose a predominant matte black with a sober but symbolic design, that is associable with all colors and allows great customization for its various iterations. His artistic direction in terms of his gaming sensibility allows him to detach himself from his image as an influencer to produce content in his customized theme without identifying himself as a person. This rebranding has been very well received by his highly enthusiastic community.